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Everything we do at Salwa Foods serves two objectives: ensuring great taste, and making it a little easier for everybody to serve a delicious meal. Since 2002 we have produced highly refined foods made of Zabiha Halal Chicken, Beef and other exciting Halal ingredients. The focus has always been on great taste. - Taste for yourself!

At Salwa Foods we do our utmost to enhance great taste. This demands commitment, and therefore, it is only natural to us to focus on the quality of the raw ingredients, on product development and on quality control.

Our vision is to make it easy and convenient for everyone to enjoy delicious, quality Halal products.

Supreme quality is at the heart of everything we do, from the selection of Halal ingredients to customer relations – and we never compromise.

It is important to us to maintain our position as a respected supplier of quality Zabiha Halal products. We strive to maintain our basic principles regarding production and customer relations regardless of circumstances.

The secret of our success lies in our commitment to taste. During the past years, Salwa Foods has built up considerable expertise in the production of frozen Zabiha Halal products and ready-made, mainly meat base, dishes.
Our tasty products and high quality standards have made us a leading supplier to international players in the retail and food service industries.

Ever since its beginnings, Salwa Foods has given high priority to product development. Working in close cooperation with leading international retail chains, distributors and our own in-house product development team, we regularly develop new product concepts.

This work enables us to live up to our ambition: being an innovative company – a company that uses classic recipes as a point of departure for introducing exciting, new and delicious dishes.
All our dishes are adapted to suit national tastes in our test kitchens where professional chefs let the many ideas take actual form.

At Salwa Foods we are known for our high quality standards. We owe this not least to our extensive quality control procedures throughout the entire production process.
To prove that quality control is one of Salwa’s core values, we have implemented a Quality Assurance and Halal program which involves all employees and constantly teaches and motivates us to maintain a high quality standard. The Halal programe ensures that our products always meet the toughest requirements for Zabiha Halal, quality and food safety.

At Salwa Foods we keep ourselves abreast of today's strict demands for specific Zabiha Halal quality control systems and complete traceability of Halal ingredients. Moreover, our production facilities are certified by USDA in accordance with the strictest Halal and hygiene standards.

    Our products have a very long shelf life mainly due to the spices that are blended here in the US, under the strict supervision of the USDA. As described earlier, even the method of slaughter helps increase the shelf life of the products.

We use 100% recyclable material. Our packaging can withstand very low temperatures without damaging the contents inside, thereby preventing freezer burns. Each product is packed in plastic bags, making it convenient to store unused portions.

Salwa Foods offers an assortment of deep frozen food products for both retailers and food service. The assortment ranges from basic standard products to highly refined ready-made products. Our products are sold several parts of the world as leading and emerging standard of Zabiha Halal Foods.

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